Added nuetral ions twice how to replace or revert

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I am a learner and I have just started with gromacs tutorial 1 lysozyme in water.
While running the command to add CL ions for neutralizing, I run the command twice as the out put topol file shows 8 CL twice. How can I revert or undo

Easiest option would be to simply start again, from scratch. Get the original .top file and coordinate files, then work though it all again.

Second would be to open the .top text file with a text editor and delete the duplicated line. You will then need to delete the extra atoms added to the .gro file again using a text editor. You will need to find the second lot of atoms added at the end of the file. You will then also need to subtract the number of atoms deleted (4) from the number on the second line (in .gro files, the second number is the total number of atoms contained within the coordinate file).