How could I compile gromacs 2018.1?

GROMACS version:2018.1
GROMACS modification: No
Here post your question :I don’t have computer skills for installation of it, but I am running Gromacs. I need to compile Gromacs. Then, I am following the next instruction to compile Gromacs 2018.1 : -DGMX_STDLIB_CXX_FLAGS=-gcc-name=/path/to/gcc/binary. There, \binary is not a file . On the other hand, I do not know what is the file to compile Gromacs 2018.1. Could you give me a light?

Start here:

You should not need to invoke any advanced options to get GROMACS to compile under most circumstances, and you should work with the latest version if possible.

Also note that the documentation often uses placeholder file names and paths like /path/to/gcc/binary to mean “you need to write the path to your actual gcc binary here” (e.g. /usr/bin/gcc).