How to activate GROMASC 2020 new features?

GROMACS version:2020.4
GROMACS modification: Yes/No
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I have a question regarding the new features of GROMACS 2020.

GROMACS should be built using its internal threadMPI library instead of any external MPI library , and at run time the optimizations can be fully enabled by setting the following three environment variables to any non-NULL value in your shell (as shown for bash shell here). For halo exchange communications between PP tasks:
export GMX_GPU_DD_COMMS=true
For communications between PME and PP tasks:
export GMX_GPU_PME_PP_COMMS=true
To multi-GPU enable the update and constraints part of the timestep:
The combination of these will trigger all optimizations, including dependencies such as GPU acceleration.

GROMACS in the cluster we are using was compiled without thread-MPI, are there any equivalent environment variables to activate the one mentioned above?
Because I want to enable the full optimization
According to a recently published article, the performance increase from 6ns/day to 147 ns/day after activating these features on a system that has 400K atoms

Thank you very much