GROMACS 2020.5 patch release available

Hi GROMACS users,

The official release of GROMACS 2020.5 is available!

This fifth patch release again fixes issues found since the initial release of GROMACS 2020 and the previous patch releases. We encourage all users of the 2020 series to update to 2020.5. Please see the link to the release notes below for more details.

This will be the last patch release before the release-2020 branch goes into maintenance only mode, where we only provide fixes for serious scientific issues. This way we can focus all our energy on the release-2021 branch and the upcoming major release of GROMACS 2021.

You can find the code, documentation, release notes, and test suite at the links below.

(including release notes, install guide, user guide, reference manual)
Test Suite:

Happy simulating!