January 24, biweekly GROMACS developer meeting

Dear GROMACS developers,

Our next biweekly developer meeting will take place on 2024-01-24T16:00:00Z! At the moment, we have three open slots, so if there’s anything you wish to discuss please comment below (or let me or Berk know)!

Berk/Magnus: general issues and news from Stockholm
Vedran: add Windows/MSVC runners to CI/CD pipelines?
Open slot
Open slot

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Meeting ID: 692 7708 9234
Password: gmxdevs

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See you in a week!

May I get a slot to discuss the possibility of adding our own Windows/MSVC (and possibly FreeBSD/Clang) runners to GitLab CI/CD pipelines?

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These are my notes from the meeting. Feel free to comment if I missed something important, or if something should be removed:

Minutes, biweekly developers meeting, 240124

  • Updates from Stockholm
    • 2024rc was released January 18th.
    • 2023.4 was released January 24th.
    • 2024 will be released January 30th.
      • It has been proposed to change the version number of major releases from to .0, e.g. 2024 to 2024.0. The patch releases (minor releases) would still be numbered as currently. No-one was directly opposed to changing the version numbering, but we will discuss this further in the Stockholm team before the release.
  • Vedran brought up the possibility of having Windows/MSVC runners in our test CI infrastructure. He also asked if BSD runners would be possible.
    • There are time-limited (3 months) Windows images available.
    • The current runners are Docker images in a Kubernetes setup.
    • Administration would be a concern.
    • Vedran will look more into the details, how the setup can be automated. He will describe it on Gitlab for further discussion.
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