June 26th, biweekly GROMACS developer meeting

Next biweekly GROMACS developer meeting is 26 June 2024 at 17:00 CEST. As usual we start with Berk and Magnus telling about general issues and news for Stockholm, followed by general questions and discussion points. If there is any specific topic, you wish to discuss, just answer to this post.

When 2024-06-26T15:00:00Z!

Berk/Magnus: general issues and news from Stockholm
Open topic
Open topic
Open topic

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Meeting ID: 692 7708 9234
Password: gmxdevs

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Everybody is welcome.
See you in a week!

I would like to discuss the proposed milestone dates for 2025 Beta and RC as well as for the 2025 release cycle. The proposed dates are:

  • 2025 Beta Nov 8, 2024 (Friday)
  • 2025 RC Jan 10, 2025 (Friday)
  • 2025 Release Jan 24, 2025 (Friday)
  • 2025.1 Feb 21, 2025 (Friday)
  • 2025.2 Apr 25, 2025 (Friday)
  • 2025.3 Aug 22, 2025 (Friday)
  • 2025.4 Oct 24, 2025 (Friday)

A kind reminder. GROMACS biweekly developer meeting will take place at 5 pm (Stockholm time) today!


  • Milestone dates for 2025 beta and RC
  • Other

See you this afternoon!

addressed topics of today meeting:

  • keep AUTHOR fields in doxygen up-to-date, to indicate who have been most involved in each file
  • milestone 2025 dates (see post above)
  • PLUMED interface see 5104
  • open discussion how could we facilitate ligand preprocessing with pdb2gmx
  • AMBER force filed implementation see 4430
  • pairlist and ML potential see 5070

Next meeting 10 July, if interested. Otherwise we see each other 21st August.