March 22nd, Developer bi-weekly videoconference

Dear GROMACS developers,

The last few meetings not many developers from Stockholm were available and March 8 we have the same issue. So we decided to move the meeting by one week, to March 22st, 17:00 Stockholm time.

At the moment two slots are taken on the agenda and we have one open:

???: general issues (open bugs, CI, maintenance)
Joe Jordan: GROMACS python packaging
Majid: Requirements for ion force field with r^-4 term
aalhossary: mMCIF/PDBx format

@Majid is there interest from your side on giving a presentation on the needs of the ion force field?

If there’s anything you wish to discuss, just let me or Cathrine know, or comment below and we’ll add you to one of the open slots!

Hello Berk,

Yes, please put me on the agenda.

Thank you!

Hi all,

This is a reminder for today call. We still have one open slot.

Can we discuss the need to support mMCIF/PDBx format with long PDB IDs and CCD names?

Yes, I’ll add you.

Normally, it is included in the announcement: here is the link we normally use. Launch Meeting - Zoom

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