October 4th, Developer bi-weekly videoconference

Dear GROMACS developers,

Our next biweekly meeting will be on 2023-10-04T15:00:00Z. At the moment we have two more open slots, so if there’s anything you wish to discuss please let me or Berk know (or comment below)!

Berk: general issues (open bugs, CI, maintenance)
Berk: how to make these meetings more useful?
Vedran: CMAP and free energy
Alessandra: the use of polls in GROMACS development

Note that we have a new Zoom room since June:

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Meeting ID: 692 7708 9234
Password: gmxdevs

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Sorry for the late notice!

I would like to take the second slot for the discussion on CMAP and free energy.

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not urgent, I would like to discuss the use of polls in GROMACS dev and possible policy for the webpage contribution

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