Quarterly planning meeting

Our next quarterly planning meeting will be 20 September 2023, 13:00 - 17:00 CEST (probably shorter than that)
Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom.
This meeting will replace the biweekly Wednesday meeting (that would have been the same day).

There is a shared document for topics to bring up, but I don’t want to post its link in a public forum. Please contact me to get access to it. It’s already posted on the Gromacs developers slack channel.

Our next quarterly meeting is planned for Dec 6. I just posted a link to the discussion document on the Developers Slack channel.

I found the slack invite link here: Gromacs Developer Setup - #10 by al42and. But If I use that. I get the error:
The email address must match one of the domains listed below. Please try another email. You can use any account with the domain:

  • scilifelab.se
  • kth.se

Hi Roland!

Can you try this link: Slack

Looks like the old one expired.

Dear all, it would be very good if you had a look at the topics document, see the Slack channel for a link to it. I’ve just removed all names with no content, in order to keep better track of who will join the meeting. Your contents can of course be updated and extended later on. If you are coming, please add your name and a brief summary of your plans or discussion topics. If you are not coming, but want to report something, please write that you are not attending. I hope to see you in two weeks.