Theory and simulation student/postdoc in the US

Recent advances in fabrication make solid sub-nanometer pores in two-dimensional (2D) materials a reality. Such pores, often resulting from merely a dozen or so atomic sites ejected from the host 2D lattice, promise to revolutionize a diverse range of applied areas, including water desalination, biomolecule sensing, and power generation.

Our group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology has recently started a cutting-edge collaboration with UC Berkeley, UC Merced, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, aimed at experimentally and theoretically investigating 2D sub-nm pores with properties engineered at the atomic level for specific applications.

We are seeking qualified student/postdoctoral candidates with interest/background in theory and simulation, which includes classical MD and DFT/DFTMD. No US citizenship is required. Successful candidates will be stationed at either UC Berkeley or UC Merced with a guest researcher status at NIST. If interested, please contact me via direct message on this forum or find my contact details here.

I just want to quickly clarify here. The link at the bottom of my post above contains an NRC fellowship opportunity that is only available to US citizens.
The opening posted above, however, does not have this requirement and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. Thank you.

This position has been filled.