Cuda compile installation of gromacs 2019 in Ubuntu 20.04

GROMACS version:2019
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Hi. I try to install gromacs version 2019 with cuda 10.0 and gpu compile in ubuntu 20.04. my graphic is 750 gtxi but i get error.

There is no way to address a question like this. What error? What was your cmake command? Note that your GPU is probably not supported as it is too old.

GTX750 should be supported. It did work for me with CUDA10.
The problem probably lies in cuda and gcc version compatibility. CUDA often requires older than default gcc versions.
So look up the required version and link it manually.

The default gcc version is not supported. You ought to use gcc 7. Install it manually and change the default compiler to gcc 7. Also, use the run file instead of Deb file as it is a lot easier.

I meant run file of CUDA.