How do I install GROMACS (Windows 10)?!

How do I install GROMACS on Windows 10?! I just installed CMake, Virtual Studio and Intel MKL.

I’m new to all of this and the process so far has been confusing and annoying to say the least. Every video I watch just leads to more confusion as I can’t even seem to download to right tar file from their website?!

Please help.

GROMACS version: 2020
GROMACS modification: Yes/No
Here post your question

Did you check ?

Have you searched the emailing list as well? There will be discussions there were others have been installing on Windows. (BTW, Windows is challenging from all I recall seeing).

Would recommend you specify what you have tried and why it failed so people can see exactly what you have done and where to direct you to next.

I was finally able to install it…I ditched my windows OS and opted for LINUX. Thank you!