How to define backbone group in RNA

GROMACS version: 20.3
GROMACS modification: No
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I am currently performing a molecular dynamic simulation on RNA. while performing analysis of (FOR EXAMPLE RMSD) , during command execution i am not finding any option of selecting BACKBONE GROUP as in case of protein analysis. please suggest me as to what should I perform to obtain backbone group. if in case there isn’t an option of selecting backbone group in RNA analysis then what should be done to obtain similar results.

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Shailesh Mani Tripathi
Central University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan

You can generate an index file (ndx file), where you define a group containing the backbone atoms of RNA. Then you can give this index file as input to other gmx tools using the option -n {filename}.ndx

To generate an index file for the backbone atom, you can use gmx make_ndx

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