Make GROMACS available to all users

GROMACS version: 2022
GROMACS modification: No
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Hello All,

Previously I used to get the software installed by the admin and were available to all users.
Recently I installed GROMACS but it is not available to other users.

user2@server] $ gmx
bash: gmx: command not found…

user2@server] $ gmx --version
bash: gmx: command not found…

Please suggest me how to make it available to other users as well.

Thanks in advance

You can also very simply add the GROMACS path to your .bashrc (or equivalent).

Hi @jalemkul Thanks

I have already source /usr/local/gromacs/bin/GMXRC written at the end of .bashrc and /etc/profile.d file and have done source .bashrc but no luck.

Also I have to do source /usr/local/gromacs/bin/GMXRC every time login into terminal.

You don’t have to manually source it every time you log in, you can add it to .bashrc to have it done automatically.