Mpiexec error during make check for gmx_mpi

GROMACS version: 2022.4
GROMACS modification: No

I have compiled and tested (no errors) the gmx successfully.
I have compiled gmx_mpi successfully I think.

When I run, “make check”, I get the following Failed message for many tests:
Test project /usr/local/downloads/gromacs-2022.4/build
Start 1: GmxapiExternalInterfaceTests
1/90 Test #1: GmxapiExternalInterfaceTests … Passed 3.67 sec
Start 2: GmxapiMpiTests
2/90 Test #2: GmxapiMpiTests …***Failed 0.02 sec

A prefix was supplied to mpiexec that only contained slashes.

This is a fatal error; mpiexec will now abort. No processes were launched.

I get this error on both ubuntu and debian boxes. I haven’t been able to find a solution. I am hoping the developers and/or users here may have seen this and may have a solution.


How many tests fail? Presumably all of the MPI tests?

I don’t think the gromacs CTest stuff inserts the --prefix flag explicitly.
This might be relevant: openmpi - Open MPI + Scalasca :Can not run mpirun command with option --prefix - Stack Overflow

Are you using OpenMPI or MPICH (or something else)? Is this an HPC environment or a desktop/workstation?

Maybe FindMPI — CMake 3.25.1 Documentation needs a hint? ( MPIEXEC_EXECUTABLE or MPI_HOME)