Nvidia Consumer cards in Racks, banning of blower cards

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as you may recall, Mark Berger confirmed in 2018 that Nvidia supports the use of GeForce cards for academic servers:


I wanted to double-check whether this confirmation is still valid. Have you heard anything else? I ask since a hardware vendor told me that he would be concerned about reactions by Nvida if he delivers servers with Nvidia GeForce cards.

Having said this, I was also told that Nvida forces card manufacturers not to offer GeForce cards in Blower format any more. This would have been the reason why the RTX 3090 in blower form have disappeared from the market recently (after they were available until a few weeks ago). Do you have the same information?

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Your vendor will not support you or encourage you to use consumer cards. The reason is not that it supports or work; it is because they will get low profit by selling consumer cards.
I have been using consumer cards for more than 5 years and it works awesome. Don’t listen to them insist them to get a consumer card on your machine and enjoy.
(I am waiting for the delivery of my new GPU cluster with GTX 3070)

Hi scinikhil,

thanks for the reply. You mean RTX 3070, right? Are these cards in blower form (for racks)?

Thanks, Jochen

Yes. and Yes
In general, there is a shortage of 30 series cards