Poll on GROMACS tools to know which tool has zero users

Please help us to know which GROMACS analysis tool has users and which tools has no-users.
If you are users of one of the following tools, please fill the poll below.

Which of the following tools do you use or you plan to use in the near future? (multiple-choice)
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It will be great if you could also provide a test case for the tool.

Background: For GROMACS developers it is very important to know if a tool has zero users or not, The tools take efforts during general refactoring. When they are unused and untested, they might end up broken for many releases causing a damage in the faith in the project.

If a tool has zero users, it will be deprecated in the following major release (e.i. 2024) and remove in the following one (e.i. 2025)

Source: GitLab issue Deprecate some legacy gmxana tools (#4792) · Issues · GROMACS / GROMACS · GitLab