Timeline for the 2023 release

Hi, developers!

As the planning on GitLab and the actions from Stockholm side have recently differed slightly, I’d like to give you a quick update on the timeline for the current 2023 GROMACS release.

We’re planning to release the beta on Wednesday/Thursday, the release candidate is scheduled for release approx. two weeks later, and we intend to release the final version right before Christmas. Today, I’ve updated the milestones on GitLab accordingly - sorry for any confusion caused by the alpha milestone that was not meant to result in a release and is now gone. The milestones for both the release candidate (2023.rc1) and the final release (2023.release) are set to the Friday before the respective release week, and they will be respected. ;)


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Hi, devs!

Unfortunately, the beta release has been delayed by a few bugs fixed last minute. As we’d like to grant at least two weeks for thorough testing before the release candidate, our current timeline is no longer feasible. With the beta being released in the course of this week, the new timeline for the release will be:

Milestone for 2023.rc1: Friday, 9 December 2022 (approx. 2 weeks after the beta)
Milestone for 2023-release: Friday, 27 January 2023 (approx. 3 working weeks after the rc)

The milestones on GitLab are updated accordingly. The idea is to have carefully tested the code before the release candidate such that we only have to add documentation and finally confirm that we pass all tests after the release candidate.