What is link with `-lgmx.$(CPU)`?

GROMACS version: 5.1
GROMACS modification: No

There is the following line in the documentation about .xtc (File formats — GROMACS 5.1 documentation):

To use the library function include “gromacs/fileio/xtcio.h” in your file and link with -lgmx.$(CPU).

How do I link with -lgmx.$(CPU) either under Linux or Windows?

How do I do the above and read .xtc in Visual Studio on Windows 10?


-lLIBRARYNAME is the standard way to pass a linker argument on Linux/Unix systems. On Windows you will need to use the native way VS wants linker arguments to be passed.

Thanks! But the point is what is gmx.$(CPU) and where do I find it? I think it is a library, like a .dll, but how should I find or generate it?