Error when the Parmed package read the gromacs topology file

GROMACS version: 2019.4
GROMACS modification: Yes

Dear gromacs users,
I’ve try to use Parmed to convert gromacs topology file into amber prmtop file format.
But in the my python script gro_top = pmd.load_file('') line, error occured below:
parmed.exceptions.MoleculeError: Cannot bond two virtual sites/extra points together

Because the topology file didn’t have any problem when I run MD simulation, I don’t know why the topology file raised error.
I make the topology file that I attached by using pdb2gmx with the GROMOS54a7 force field. (674.9 KB)

Could you tell me what I’m missing?
Thank you

This is an issue with ParmEd and you should contact its authors. Your topology apparently has some setup that their conversion scripts can’t handle.

Thank you :)