Exclude the 1-4 interactions in TraPPE force field

Dear all,

I am using TraPPE force field for alkane simulation in Gromacs which need to exclude all the Intramolecular 1-4 interactions explicitly. So I setup gen-pairs=no in forcefield.itp, and also remove the [ pairtypes ] sections. Is this enough to exclude all the 1-4 interactions? Or should I also setup fudgeLJ=0; fudgeQQ=0.

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I suggest to check carefull the page below to evaluate if you are implemented correctly your force field

http://manual.gromacs.org/current/reference-manual/topologies/topology-file-formats.html (in particular the sub section on the directive [default])

Also check that in the directive [moleculetype] in topol.top, you have molecule name; n(nrexcl)ex where n(nrexcl)ex = 3

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