Forum: Make it better, make it more useful - alert user by email about keywords of interest

I don’t come to the Gromacs Forum that often, mostly because, like everybody else, I’m too busy and my interest is very limited. My only concern is about ACPYPE for example.

So, before the Forum, with the Mailing List, this was fine, I had a filter in my email to only show me the ones related to ACPYPE.

With Forum, I need to do something like:

However, and this is the big point, I have to ACTIVELY do this, while before it was passively, because, yes, I check my emails every day, but not the dozens Forums I subscribe.

Of course I can think of several ways of automatising the check for the link above, including even my own scrape script but, honestly, for this Forum be really useful, at least for those in a situation like me, with a specific focus, it would be great to have Filters and automatic email triggers.

So whenever a “keyword” showed up in the Forum and it was “unread/unseen” by ser blablabla, sent email to etc.
Can’t those functionalities be added to this Forum application?

So, if those functionalities are already there, please, sorry, just tell me where to find and how to use.


PS: If you guys need help to tweak this Forum code, perhaps I can try to help.

Discourse has a mailing list mode. Login to Discourse, go to

in this case

then enable Mailing list mode

Wow! How I haven’t seen this before? Many thanks for that!.


you can also get notifications only for some specific tag (e.i forcefield). To set this go under account preference → notifications → tags.
See more here tags Forum tags