Help about using the FORUM to help others with ACPYPE

I’m responsible for ACPYPE and now I finally joined the Gromacs Forum.

I’m only concerned about questions regarding ACPYPE, so how can I set this forum to only warn me, by email preferably, when there’s any mention to ACPYPE?

Hi Alan,
the best way is to post your tool description in the category - third party tools under GROMACS forum Third party tools and files - GROMACS forums
Best regards

Thanks, I was wondering about it, though, I’m wondering how many user will check there first. My experience tells me that the users will hit the main forum almost all the time first.
What I miss here is a sort of an automatic filter, like gmail used to do for me every time anyone was posting a mail re ACPYPE.
Thanks again, I’ll keep mulling/investigating alternatives.

I am sorry, up to now there is no such an option.
Best regards

Hi again,
Note that announcements are not allowed in the this category. This category is only to discuss installation and usage of GROMACS software. We have created the
Third party tools and files
for the purpose to discuss other tools. All the categories are visible from outside to anonymous user. Thus any post is visible in the same way.
Please help us by following the forum instruction.
Best regards