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Here you can post tools and file that you have developed. The tools and file have to be useful for the GROMACS community and not to have a commercial scope. The category is moderate, thus it may take some days for your post to be approved. Please make an account to post and discuss.

Some tips to improve the chance of getting helpful discussion:

  1. Use an informative title for your topic and use one topic for each tool;
  2. Provide as much detailed information as possible on the tool or files
  • provide a link
  • briefly describe it
  • say how the work has been reviewed and tested
  • say how/to which extent it is supported
  • provide authors name and contact
  • cite the related GROMACS version number
  1. use good etiquette, avoiding ALL CAPS, bad spelling and punctuation, txtspk, perso. abbrs, etc…

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