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Here you ask and answer questions on GROMACS , a free and open-source software suite for high-performance molecular dynamics and output analysis.

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Some tips to improve the chance of getting helpful response to your problem:

  1. Use an informative title for your topic and use one topic for each individual question;
  2. Provide as much detailed information as possible on the problem. For example when you post in user discussions:
  • say why you thought the output was not what you expected, (this should be higher up in my opinion)
  • cite your GROMACS version number and specify if the code has been modified,
  • describe your simulation system (e.g. system type, size, box type, force field),
  • describe your simulation preparation before the problem arose (e.g. manual modification of files),
  • copy and paste your input command lines,
  • consider including your .mdp file or the relevant portion of your .top or .log file,
  • consider uploading a relevant image or PDF,
  • inspect all your output files, stderr and stdout for information,
  • copy and paste any error message (look in both the .log file and stderr);
  1. When you’ve solved the problem, please consider posting a reply to the forum detailing what was wrong, your solution and how it worked. Not only might this help people in the future, but it might teach you more about the problem and the solution;
  2. use good etiquette, avoiding ALL CAPS, bad spelling and punctuation, txtspk, perso. abbrs, etc…
  3. Use tags. Here you find more on how to use Forum tags

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