Gibbs free energy landscape

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I have formed gibbs free energy landscapes for my alone dna and dna ligand complex. The value for alone is 16.2 and for complex is 8.7. but the lower minimum energy colour is not prevent in complex. Please suggest. i have attached the landscapes for alone and complex
Would i select the stability of complex on the basis of color or value of energy?
also the py script is not working for 3D plots please send me the script for that for the equation
python -f fel.xpm -o fel.txt


Hi Pallavi,
This is not a GROMACS question and I suggest you read up on free energy landscapes and statistical physics (one good book is Statistical Physics of Biomolecules by D. Zuckerman). I’m not sure where the Python script comes from, but you can surely edit it yourself to get plots in 3D. It also looks like you might need some more sampling in the second free energy plot.

@cathrine i am not able to understand your reply. Please reply in related to gromacs software.