How can I generate the correct peptide conformation of insulin peptide during topolgy creation?

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I have taken 4INS, pdb file, for insulin peptide. There are two chains linked by disulfide bonds. While I have created the topology file for this peptide both A and B chains are interconnected at residue 7 and residue 8 respectively and the rest part of the B chain is missing from the protein file. Please suggest the solution in which I could do this.

Here I have attached the snapshot of both original pdb file (red color) and the peptide file (blue color) after topology creation.

Sorry I do not fully understand your questions? Do you want to know how to define S-S bond between 2 chains using pdb2gmx? Or do you ask how to add residues to your pdb file?

Dear mam,
After creating the topology file, the A chain (21AAs) connected to the B chain (30AAs) at residue number 7. So, the rest residues of the B chain are not shown in VMD.
Kindly tell me how to get the correct conformation of both chains.

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VMD is reading pdb or gro files, not topology files. It may be a problem of visualization style. You can try to visualize using the opition style “lines” (for example), you might see all the atoms belonging to the two chains.
I saw that atom 7 is CYS, is this residue involved with S-S bridge with the other chain? Then cross check that the S-S bridge is properly recognized by pdb2gmx (-merge all and -ss may be options to be considered).

Yes mam. They are linked through S-S bridge (CYS7-CYS7). Is it causing problems?

If you have S-S bridge between two chains, use the option -merge and -ss to generate the topology. For the visualization with VMD, cartoon-style may not work (it will not shown the whole system)

Thank you mam.