Installataion with GPU on Macbook pro 2020 Macos Big Sur intel core i5

GROMACS version: 2021.4
GROMACS modification: Yes/No
Here post your question I am using Mac OS I want to install using GPU, but I didnt find any command, kindly suggest me with complete command line, if I use brew for installation it works fine, please let me know what else I have to do for GPU installation

Assuming that you have a discrete GPU from AMD in your Mac, you’ll need to make sure that Apple’s OpenCL framework is installed and that you configure GROMACS with GMX_GPU=OpenCL so that it tries to find it.

how to install OpenCL and check whether it is installed or not, and in which path it should be installed, GMX_GPU=OpenCL i did but it showed error

Please search Google for that!