Is it possible to btain autocorellation function in gmx hbond for water bridges?

GROMACS version: 2020.2
GROMACS modification: No
I have a question. I know how to get hydrogen bond lifetime from autocorrelation function, but is it possible to get autocorrelation function for water bridges in GROMACS or maybe I should write my own program to do that? For example number of water bridges I obtain from .gro file - I created 100 .gro files every 1 ns and then I use gmx hbond on gro files - get all atoms which create hbond and identify water bridges by my own program. So obtain number of water bridges is no problem for me, but obtain autocorrelation will be harder.

I also have a question, should I work on trajectory (xtc file) or maybe I should convert this file to many .gro files or maybe I should use gmx dump to convert to readable format and then try to get autocorrelation function for water bridges.

gmx hbond is calculating auto-correlation function, but I am not sure that you are exactly looking for. (see gmx hbond -h )
Concerning your list point, I suggest to work as much as possible using xtc. xtc is a compact format. Converting it in gro file will require a lot of disk space, without gain any extra information
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