Is this GROMACS server still in use?

Not exactly sure where i should categorize this post, because it is for gromacs but created under haddock?

Anyway, i found this gromacs server:
But it seems that server is down due to hardware issue. Is this a temporary issue or is the server no longer functional?

Are there alternative free webservers for gromacs?


That seems to be a server operated by the HADDOCK team rather than GROMACS (I wasn’t aware of it), so you might want to ask them!

There are plenty of web servers handling different parts of MD setup for GROMACS (e.g. CHARMM-GUI), I think it will be difficult to find freely available servers where you can submit normal MD jobs (for any MD code, not just GROMACS). The problem is that MD simulations can take quite a bit of resources at least for several days, so that would require somebody to operate an entire cluster that they just donate to the world.