Protein-Ligand Complex Free Energy Value Inquiry

GROMACS version: 2020.2
GROMACS modification: Yes/No
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Is there a way to Gromacs compute a protein-ligand complex free energy value or only a de- composition of the potential energy of the system, including only nonbonded terms between the selected atom groups?

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The only way to compute the free energy of a complex is with external tools, e.g. g_mmpbsa to do MM/PBSA analysis but this code is not kept updated with new GROMACS versions. Binding free energies require a series of many calculations and cannot be obtained directly from a single MD trajectory.

Short-range nonbonded terms can be decomposed via energygrps in the .mdp file but these quantities may or may not be physically meaningful, depending on the force field being used.

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Is gromos54a7 force field is suitable for the short-range nonbonded energy calculation? I have seen in your tutorial charmm ff has been used.

GROMOS does not explicitly target any interaction energies in its parametrization, so no.