Quadro rtx 6000 performance

GROMACS version: 2019 / 2020
GROMACS modification: Yes
Dear all, I am trying to upgrade a workstation with a new gpu. The workstation is equipped with a dual core Intel Xeon Gold 5218R Processor, 27.5M Cache, 2.10 GHz 20 Cores and 192 GB of ram.
Due to difficulties to get hands on Nvidia rtx 3090 (an 3080 as well), I am considering to turn to quadro rtx6000. Are there any benchmarks for this card, or does anyone have experience on that, with the most recent version of Gromacs (2019 / 2020)?
Thanks in advance

Hi Stefano,

I do not have experience with that specific model, but what you should expect is a Turing-level performance similar to a TITAN RTX (which in turn is slightly faster than an RTX 2080 Ti, ballpark by ~10%).

Note that new Ampere-based professional cards have also been released, so depending on the price you could could consider those too.


Thanks for hints; do you think that there would be a big loss of performance comapring to rtx 3090? What I am trying to figure out is wether it could be worth waiting for the return of those cards on market or not.

Thanks again