Thermal transport in semiconductor nanostructures (non-Gromacs)

This may be a long shot, because this is not bio- or fluidics-related, but let’s post anyway.

We are seeking qualified candidates with interest and background in particle-based (molecular dynamics) simulation of heat transport in semiconducting devices/materials, using simulation packages such as LAMMPS.

This is a postdoctoral position requiring a minimum of PhD in Engineering / Materials Science / Physics or related field. Although not required, experience and interest in the following will strengthen the application:

  • Heat transport in nanoscale thermal junctions, especially in the context of promising transistor geometries (e.g., the gate-all-around arrangement).
  • Monte Carlo simulation methodology, including phonon scattering by local boundaries.
  • Applying Boltzmann transport equation and other continuum approaches to thermal mapping.
  • Using density functional theory packages (e.g., CP2K, VASP) to obtain electron and phonon properties of semiconductors.

The position is for up to four years, subject to performance-based annual renewal. At the moment, this position is open to US citizens only. Qualified candidates should contact me directly by sending a direct message on this forum, or to my work email posted here.

This opening has the following update: US citizenship is no longer required to apply.

The position has been filled.