2 types of lipid

Dear All,

Using the given tutorial for lipid bilayer simulation I was able to create a system using 1 type of lipid molecule in my case it was POPC, but now I have to use 2 types of lipids i.e, POPC and POPG, but I got stuck where we use “inflategro.pl” to remove the lipid molecules that are clashing with proteins as per the example we need to specify the residue name, As I have 2 different lipids how can I specify?
Any suggestions how to overcome this?

Hi, you might have an easier time setting up your system with CHARMM-GUI’s input generator.

But I am using amber forcefield

CHARMM*GUI also supports lipid models for simulations with AMBER FFs.
You could also used “PACKMOL-Memgen” available in the AmberTools suite. to build your mixed membrane