Adding force fields to the Gromacs distribution

GROMACS version: Any
GROMACS modification: No
Dear All,

Recently two additional Amber force fields have become available; namely A99SB-disp ( and A99SB-ucb ( , okay this one is not that recent) however they are not distributed with Gromacs. Within our group we have implemented Gromacs compatible files for these force fields. I would like to ask if it is possible to distribute our files as a part of the official Gromacs distribution? If not, would it be recommended to add our files to the website at https :// ?

all the best,

Use the third party category ( Third party tools and files - GROMACS forums) of this forum to post the link to the files of the implement AMBER force field.
The third party category aims to replace the the User_contributions under gromacs webpage. Soon a new gromacs webpage will be released.
Thank you for contributing