Check point file

GROMACS version:2020
GROMACS modification: No

Hi every body

I am new at GROMAC.
Why my 2020 gromacs dont make check point file(cpt)??
in the following link:

part 2.6 nvt.cpt has not been made.
Pls guid me.

Checkpoint files are made every few minutes (15 by default) so if they are not getting written, probably the simulation is not running. Check stderr/stdout and the .log file produced by mdrun for information about what might have happened.

Thanks, I’m going to check it.

If run time was smaller than the interval time for making cpt then how is it possible to manage the interval time for making cpt files?

If the simulation completes successfully, then a checkpoint file should be written at the end of the run, corresponding to the final state of the simulation.

thank you.

You can also set the time interval of writing a checkpoint file with -cpt option of gmx mdrun.