What if checkpoint timestamp earlier than the xtc file?

GROMACS version: 2019
GROMACS modification: Yes/No
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I am running Gromacs on our cluster, so I need to append new run to the old run using the checkpoint file. The checkpoint cpt file is updated by default every 15 min. If the timestamp of a cpt file is earlier than the xtc file, for example,
) cpt file: 21:40:00
) xtc file: 21:50:00

Does it mean, the 10 min longer in the xtc file will be wasted, as an appended run will continue from the cpt file recording at 21:40:00 ?


gmx dump -cp will tell you the timestamp of a cpt file.

Queuing systems often send a TERM signal just before the queue time ends, in which case mdrun tries to write a checkpoint file as soon as possible to avoid such situations.

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