Chimera error "unexpected end of file" caused by .tpr files generated by 2020 and 2021 versions

GROMACS version: since 2020
GROMACS modification: No
I have been using GROMACS 2019 and modelling systems with distance restraints. But now when i try to reproduce those runs with GROMACS 2020 or 2021 versions it works, but .tpr-files generated with these gromacs versions cannot be read by Chimera (Unexpected end of file; make sure you specified the correct topology file and that it isn’t truncated.), while .tpr-files generated by program of any version but without distance restraints in file are readable by Chimera.
In the internet i didn’t find any mention of this trouble. So is it known, can it be fixed, or is it chimera-users personal problems?

Hello, I had the same while using chimera md movie. How did you solve this issue? Thanks.

Unfortunately, i didn’t solve it. I just make a secondary .tpr-file with Gromacs 2019.