CPU cores temperature when performing mdrun

GROMACS version: 2022.1
GROMACS modification: No
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Hi guys,

I have been using Gromacs on my Desktop computer for 4 years and have already fried 2 CPUs… I have bought a new intel CPU + motherboard, + liquid CPU cooler (which I didn’t have before) and have started to track the temperature of the CPU cores for the first time. During the mdrun, and without GPU acceleration, my CPU cores seems to be working at 85-95 Celsius.

Do you know in which temperature range your CPUs are working when running mdrun? Can this range of temperature be considered ‘normal’ working temperature?



CPU: i7 11700 kf
Liquid CPU cooler: Corsair H100x

Hi Xabi,

GROMACS does put quite high load on CPUs as it uses the hardware very efficiently, but this should never lead to hardware failure if adequate cooling is used. That said, if you’ve overclocked and/or had insufficient cooling that could be the reason for early hardware failure.
The normal operating temperatures may vary across vendors and generations, so please check the Intel documentation on the 11th-gen CPUs for the correct info – a quick glance on some 85-95 C seems sensible (but please check!).


Hi Szilárd,

Thanks for the response. My problem was certainly related to a poor cooling due to a bad distribution of the fans and the liquid GPU cooler inside the case. I bought a gaming computer case and ‘smartly’ distributed the cooling components inside; the CPU core’s temperatures when performing mdrun within the same setup is now in the 65-75 Celsius range!!

Best regards,