Does anyone have a copy of the gromacs_nb.pdf file? Tabulated potentials

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Hi all,

A while ago I have used the gromacs_nb.pdf file to guide me in the use of tabulated and mixed potentials in gromacs. I now need it just to refresh my memory on what was done back then, but it seems it is no longer available online ( Does anyone happen to have a copy?


I guess you refer to the contribution of Gareth Tribello: How-to information for tabulated potentials.
A new gromacs page has been released around 2 weeks ago, that the reason why the link is broken. We are working to make available users contribution again as soon as possible.
Kind regards

yes! Thanks ;) I ended up finding a copy buried in one of the folders in my computer. But that is good to know.

FYI, while we’re working on the website, you can use Wayback Machine to access unavailable files: