Fatal error : The residues in the chain THR9--SER663 do not have a consistent type

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How can I resolve this?

The residues in the chain THR9–SER663 do not have a consistent type. The
first residue has type ‘Protein’, while residue SEP257 is of type ‘Other’.
Either there is a mistake in your chain, or it includes nonstandard residue
names that have not yet been added to the residuetypes.dat file in the GROMACS
library directory. If there are other molecules such as ligands, they should
not have the same chain ID as the adjacent protein chain since it’s a separate

Can you help me with this??

Anything nonstandard that you want to incorporate into a chain needs to be defined in residuetypes.dat, in your case “SEP” as a protein residue.

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Fatal error:
Atom CG in residue VAL 3 was not found in rtp entry VAL with 16 atoms
while sorting atoms.

Hi, I`m also struggling with that kinda issue can you help me please?