FFTW hash mismatch

GROMACS version:2020-3
GROMACS modification: no
I am trying to load Gromacs on a macbook pro. For the fft flag, I tried to have the default fftw3, loading my own fftw3, and just leaving it blank. During “make” it finds a mismatched hash for the fftw-3.3.8.tar.gz and then tries to download from the http site not the ftp site. The download stalls after 5 tries: status code 6, couldn’t resolve host name www.fftw.org . But I am able to download from this site. So, any tips on getting gromacs installed? I feel I have tried everything. Thanks

You can set GMX_BUILD_OWN_FFTW_URL to use ftp. Or you can download manual and set that variable to the absolute path to the local file.

Thanks, but confused, can you share the complete command

yup, it worked, thanks so much