Free energy surface

Hello all
I calculated Free Energy Surface (FES) by the following command :
python -f rgyr_rmsd.dat -o rgyr_rmsd.png -t 300 -bx 100 -by 100 -lx Rgyr[nm] -ly RMSD[nm]
And now I want to see its plot using the plotFES.gnu, but its plot is displayed blank.
plotFES.gnu :
set terminal png font “arial,20” size 1200,1200
set output ‘FES_rgyr_rmsd.png’
set title “Free Energy Surface”
unset key
set pm3d map
set vi map
set xrange [0.7:1.5]
set yrange [0:0.8]

set xlabel “Rgyr [nm]”
set ylabel “RMSD [nm]”
set cblabel “{/Symbol D}G [kcal/mol]”

splot ‘FES_rgyr_rmsd.dat’ # Inputdatei

Can anyone help me?

You should contact the author of the script, because this is not a GROMACS analysis tool.


excuse me did you get a solution , please