Gmx rms generates unusable xpm file

GROMACS version: 2020
GROMACS modification: No

Hello Friends,

I have a long simulation, and I want to automatically choose representative structures (clustering). By following this tutorial, I have

#since it is a long trajectory, I take one frame every 100
gmx trjconv -f md_prod_nopbc.xtc -skip 100 -o md_prod_nopbc_reduced.xtc

#I call rms with f and f2, indicating that I want to compare two trajectories (in my case, a trajectory with itself), and that it should generate the xpm file rmsd_matrix.xpm
echo -e "Backbone\nBackbone" | gmx rms -f md_prod_nopbc_reduced.xtc -f2 md_prod_nopbc_reduced.xtc -s md_prod.tpr -m rmsd_matrix.xpm

#finally, I TRY to convert the xpm file to eps
gmx xpm2ps -f rmsd_matrix.xpm -o rmsd_matrix.eps

But I am greeted with the following error

Program:     gmx xpm2ps, version 2020
Source file: src/gromacs/fileio/matio.cpp (line 297)

Input error or input inconsistency:
Invalid XPixMap

In fact, I cannot use any command that uses a xpm file, such as gmx cluster (I can use this command but without the precalculated xpm matrix, and thus it has to calculate it again).

The fun thing is that I can open the xpm matrix with GIMP and it is fine. I am very puzzled by this error, even more because there is not a single record on the web of anyone else having the same problem.

I hereby “attach” the xpm file in question. I would be very very grateful to anyone who could download my xpm, and then run

gmx xpm2ps -f rmsd_matrix.xpm -o rmsd_matrix.eps

and tell me if it fails or not

Here is the file

Kind regards

Ok, apparently is not an issue with my trajectory. It has been documented and apparently is already fixed O.O. My god these people work too much