GMXRC for the Fish shell

Brief description of tools/files: Gromacs installs a few GMXRC files alongside its binary in $GROMACS_DIR/bin. By sourcing the appropriate file for your shell, the appropriate PATH variables (and a few Gromacs specific ones) are updated so that when running gmx the binary from that distribution is used.

This file implements that for the Fish shell.


  1. Copy file to the $GROMACS_DIR/bin directory, where $GROMACS_DIR is your installation directory. This directory is where the gmx binary and the other GMXRC files are.
  2. Source the file: source $GROMACS_DIR/bin/
  3. Optionally: Inspect $PATH and Gromacs variables
echo $PATH
echo $GMXBIN

Link: GMXRC file for the Fish shell. Add to `$GROMACS/bin` directory and source to set path and variables. ยท GitHub
Contact person (name and email address): Petter Johansson (pjohansson at

How the work has been tested/reviewed: Tested in Fish version 3.3.1. Like the standard GMXRC files, path variables are cleaned up if multiple files are sourced โ€“ only the most recently sourced file will be present in $PATH.