Index file error when running GMXPBSA2.1

GROMACS version: 2020.3
GROMACS modification: No
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Dear all,

When I run the script of the GMXPBSA2.1, I already get the following error:

Fatal error:
Index[5885] 5887 is larger than the number of atoms in the
trajectory file (5886)

whatever I use the trajectory containing the protein-ligand complex and the water and that only containing the protein -ligand complex. Do you have any idea how this error is caused?

Best regards.

in general such a error occurs, when your select a index group that, as dimension (number of atoms), does not correspond to the number of atoms in your trajectory.
Using an index file generated from a trajectory frame usually solves the problem. To generate an index file use, gmx make_ndx.

Kind regards

Hello alevilla,

Thank you for you response. I use the md.gro which was generated simutaneously with the trajectory file MD.xtc in the MD simulation.
gmx make_ndx -f md.gro
This index file must have the same dimension with the trajectory, doesn’t it?
But the same error mentioned above comes out. So there might be other reason for it?

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Please note that not necessary the gmx mdrun output files, gro and and xtc , contain the same number of atoms.
What is saved in xtc file, depends on mdp option compressed-x-grps (group(s) to write to the compressed trajectory file, by default the whole system is written).

I have no experience in using the third-party tool GMXPBSA2.1, maybe someone else in the list has or you can directly contact the authors of the script.

Kind regards

Hi dear Dr Alevilla i want to use from GMXPBSA but i get below error. please guide me.

The Folder = that you indicated in the INPUT.dat file does not exist.

i set GMXPBSA Dir in bashrc as follows:
#for gmxpbsa 2.1.2
export GMXPBSAHOME=/home/proteininstitute/GMXPBSAtool

INPUT.dat (1.0 KB)