Lipid parameters in KALP15-DPPC tutorial

Dear gromacs users, I have a question regarding the parameter inclusion of the berger lipids for the online gromacs tutorial of KALP15 in DPPC simulation. In the step for adding lipid topology or lipid.itp file (containing atomtypes, nonbonded parameters etc.), it is suggested that we copy the [atomtypes],[nonbonded-params] and [pairtypes] entries into the actual ffnonbonded.itp file generate for the peptide (KALP15) only using pdb2gmx. My question is instead of copying those entries from lipids.itp file to the ffnonbonded.itp, can we also just comment the [defaults] entry in the lipid.itp and then just add a line in the file, right after the forcefield.itp, we can write: #include “lipid.itp”; Then the new atomtypes, nonbonded params etc. all will be automatically supplied during grompp or other purposes. Is this possible to do instead of copying many lines? Any help will be much appreciated.