List all the molecule clusters in clustsize

GROMACS version: 2020.2
GROMACS modification: No

Dear Members,

My system contains monomer surfactant molecules in explicit waters. I would like to follow the dynamics of aggregation. I need to do distance based clustering of molecules for each time frame of MD trajectory. I need the list of ALL the clusters in each time frame. So I need to have all the clusters identified by their belonging molecules or atoms. I tried to use clustsize with the following command line:

gmx clustsize -f production_cluster.xtc -s production_cluster.tpr -mcn maxclust.ndx -mol -cut 0.35 -tu ns

It returns only the maximum cluster, the number of clusters as a function of time, cluster size distribution etc.

I guess there should be a subroutine - in the code of clustsize - where all the clusters are identified for each time frame. Could you please point to where this subroutine can be found and how to write out all the clusters? Or are there any work around solutions to get the above mentioned information?

Thank you very much

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