Posts containing links to papers flagged as spam

I post here maybe twice in six months, which isn’t terribly often. Two of my recent posts with links to papers directly relevant to the discussion were flagged as spam. Only one of those papers was mine, if that matters.
Does anyone review these flags, or can anyone annoy anyone by flagging their posts because they feel that this is the youtube comment section? I’ve been with this community for well over a decade without being accused of promoting things, seems a bit bizarre…

In your user profile, what is your trust level? If you’re still a new user, there is a Discourse limit on how many links you can put in a post. See Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

That’s something entirely external to GROMACS, it’s just part of the foundation of the forum. If you’re at a higher trust level, maybe an admin can comment on whether there are, in fact, any tunable limits to hyperlinking. I doubt anyone is flagging you at all; it’s almost certainly something being automatically done.

I opened my profile, but can’t see anything related to “trust,” but if what you linked is true, my “trust” level should be low, because I barely show up. I was like “what?” because the system messages that accompany flagging my post say that the community has flagged it. I assumed that by community the robot means the actual community and not the robot. ;)

The posts went under review. Now I have reviewed them. I was on leave thus some delays may be occurred in the reviews of the posts in the last weeks, sorry for the inconvenient.
Best regards
Forum Admin

Hi Alessandra – thanks! Still not clear though whether Justin was right and these things are automatically triggered. As opposed to getting triggered by a triggered human. ;)

Hi Sasha,
all the posts of the forum go throw an automatic filter. The posts, that do not fulfil the filters criteria, are going under admin review. Some criteria have be tuned according to the type of community, other are default.
Concerning the trust level, the system automatically assigns a trust level to each user according to how and how much the user is active in the forum (pre-defined criteria) and the filter setting for “new users” is stricter than for other. The system automatically will notify when a user moves from one trust level to another.
Does this answer to your question?
Kind regards

Yes, that does answer it, thank you. I guess I will be staying a ‘new user’, given my overall activity level.