How to select from a list of area_shrink_step.dat the correct one for my lipid bilayer system?

GROMACS version: 20.02
GROMACS modification: Yes/No

Dear Gromacs users,

I have been using the to compress a lipid bilayer with 100 popc lipids per layer around a centered ubiquinone molecule. After the script is done it generates a series of area_shrink#.dat per each step that contains the information about the average area per lipid.
How do I obtain the average area per lipid in A^2 from the numbers in this file? . I am assuming the numbers in this file are the coordinates for x, y, z in nm for the pbc box with the bilayer. The average area per lipid for POPC is around 69 A^2.
Appreciating any help on this in advance.
Thank you

The data file contains this information, but in nm2, so just divide the value by 100.

In the gromacs tutorial of KALP-15 in DPPC the shrink step 26 was choosen where shrink26.dat says 0.709 0.69 0.71. So I am assuming that you multiply any of this numbers by 100 because is in nm^2 as you mention?

Sorry, yes, multiply by 100.

Thank you for the clarification.